Welcome to the 2016 Idaho Voter Guide

This website, provided by Cornerstone Family Council, has been designed to familiarize the Idaho voter with the 2016 candidates and their views on a number of key family issues.

Nothing in the Idaho Voter Guide should be construed as our endorsement of any candidate or political party, or as an attempt to influence the outcome of an electoral contest.

Thank you for your support of our efforts to assist you in making informed decisions on Election Day, Tuesday May 17th.

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A quick tip: Having a printed copy of the candidate questions on hand while viewing the candidate's responses is helpful.

Getting started

  • View the candidate positions: Click on the map below then click on your district.
  • Identify your legislative district number: Click on the Idaho Votes logo at the bottom of this page or contact your County Clerk for your district and polling place.

Personal Identification is required to vote in Idaho

…New law took effect July 1, 2010" read more here:

Don't Know where to vote on May 17th? Go to IdahoVotes.Gov to find out.

For further candidate comments on home education go to the Idaho Coalition of Home Educators.

If you have any questions or comments, info@CFCidaho.org to send us an e-mail.

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